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Ideal for 'one off' advice sessions regarding next steps for specific children.

I have found that many education settings just require advice about where to go next and how to help children with Speech Language and Communication (SLC) needs access the curriculum.  I will spend time discussing particular children with relevant staff e.g. SENCO, class teacher, TA.  These children may already be under the care of an NHS team, but you may need further advice or resources to supplement.  Perhaps you need advice about which children need to be referred to the NHS, or I may recommend resources to try before a referral is made.  You may want advice about how to make the setting 'communication friendly' and which resources would be useful to the setting as a whole.  Whatever you wish to discuss, I will guide you through what many educational staff often feel is a minefield.  

Half day - £300

Full Day - £500

(School Hours)


You may need children to have a full assessment.  Perhaps the child has missed NHS appointments, or they don't meet criteria for NHS referral.  The child may be under a therapist but you require further assessment.  Whatever the reason, I can carry out a detailed speech and language assessment, giving immediate verbal feedback and recommendations.  A follow up report summarising findings will be done within 2 weeks.

Assessment including report -  £150

Resource pack to accompany -  £50

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